Poster / Demo: Introducing Finch Robot 2.0

View on Snap!Con

Presented By: Tom Lauwers


The Finch Robot 2.0 is a new robot designed to support Computer Science education from kindergarten to college. Like the original Finch, Finch 2.0 can be programmed with Snap! on Windows, Macbooks, and Chromebooks. Unlike the original Finch, the new Finch connects via Bluetooth, and boasts many other hardware upgrades as well, including accurate movement, line sensing, multiple tail LEDs, front-facing distance sensor, line sensing, and a centrally mounted pen for drawing.

This demonstration will use Finch 2.0 along with our newly developed Remote Robots technology to allow anyone at the Snap! conference to program a Finch in NetsBlox, which is a Snap! derivative. We plan to create a “Finch arena” with several Finches that will be remotely programmable. The arena will be viewable via video conferencing software and will include a directional light source and obstacles to avoid. During the demo time, go to this page to program the Finch robots: