Possible to update Snap! Offline version

My feature request is simple. Add a option that can download the newest version of Snap!* and this will update offline version. That solution will improvement updating new version if you use offline edition of Snap!


i 100% agree

I work with that script, but if Snap!* Developers want to progress, they should add this or propose modification/extension.

If you want this, then install github desktop. After that, go onto the snap github page, and instead of clickin download zip, click open with github desktop. It'll then clone snap onto your computer. When a new version comes out, just switch the branch in github desktop to the latest version, and then click pull origin. It's not an automatic update, but it does allow you to update snap (and I think if you make changes, you can choose to keep them)

If you want to make changes, start your own branch, and then git will let you pull changes from the master branch into your branch.

But I'm kind of sad to be waking up this morning to half a dozen new threads, all about modifying Snap! instead of programming in Snap!.

(though in the forums)

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