Possible imposter? @joecooldoo?

There is a user called joecooldoo1.
Is this someone impersonating joecooldoo? Is it an alt? What is it?


It's probably an alt. If not, they haven't been here in 6 months so it's likely that account isn't coming back.

That's my alt that I never use.

It looks like the Snap! Team has deleted the account on Snap!.

Is that actually you in the picture? I guess you're over 18...

he is 72, lives on uranus, goes to elementary school, and has a degree in history.

Very true information.

It might not be him, it might be him. Based on what I saw him say on either his post or description it’s not but idk

What I meant is that if he's >18 he's allowed to use his real photo as his avatar.

It's probably not joecooldoo's real face. I can get a picture of a random person I found online and just use that as my profile picture and people will think that it's my real face.

Then I guess you should do a reverse image search.

I could try to find the image on the most forbidden part of Google. The second page of every Google search.

Hell yeah, I'm searching the entire internet.

You guys, I didn't mean to suggest that we should all pile on joecooldoo and try to out his secret identity. Quite the contrary. I was asking if he was breaking the rules against minors posting personal info.

I think it’s not his self.

Agreed. I guess.

Nah I would definitely put my actual face on the internet when I'm not old enough.

I forced some AI to spit out a face cause I'm a copycat lol