Positioning Watchers in Full Screen?

When I run projects like this in the full screen mode:


the watchers are not in the same relative positions on the stage as they are in the edit mode.

I would like to share this project with some science teachers who don't know about Snap! (yet), and therefore have to (initially) provide controls that they can use in the full screen mode.

Is there a way to position watchers so that they look as good (with respect to positioning) in the full-screen mode as they do in the edit mode? (Thanks)

Pretty sure you can click and drag watchers in full screen mode.

I was able to drag sprites in the full-screen mode but didn't have any luck moving watchers. Is there an extra step involved?

You can usually come up with a compromise by making the stage as big as presentation mode in the editor by dragging on the vertical bars

and then positioning your watchers and then clicking back to normal stage size to make sure they are still visible

That worked ... thanks! I created the following video to example the purpose of the simulation:

Here's the Snap! file:
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

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