Position of sprite duplicates

The Snap! manual says "The duplicate option makes another sprite with copies of the same scripts, same costumes, etc., as this sprite. The new sprite starts at a randomly chosen position different from the original, so you can see quickly which is which". I perfectly understand the rational (and in Scratch it is exactly the same).

For my teaching strategies (developed in the years by looking at what my students were doing) I use many duplicates of a single sprite, all sharing the same coordinates. As a high percentage of my students is scared by numbers and coordinates, I use them at a minimum. So, to make my explanations simple and their comprehension more straightforward, I have a version of Snap! were the coordinates of a duplicate sprite are exactly the same as the original ones.

To avoid much customization, it would be useful to have a setting to chose between a random or the same position when creating a duplicate.


But you could do this:

Then just make a clone instead of a duplicate.

Very elegant solution.

Thanks a lot Brian.

But from the point of view of my I-don't-want-to-touch-a-PC-as-it-could-infect-me-with-a-virus students, that would be really discouraging to them.

So, when and if possible, I would still stick to a customization option.

(BTW: I understand the settings problem. So I will add this to the customized copy of Snap that I use with my students)

I don't understand; how is "clone" scarier than "duplicate"?

First of all, as for my lessons they need duplicates (sprites with the same look but behaving in a different way) but don't need clones, I removed the clone blocks and menu options.

This by always following the make-it-minimal approach (this is also important for LD students, that get confused by crowded palettes and menus).

But the scariest thing to them wouldn't be the clones in itself, it is the script :slightly_smiling_face:

You can hide blocks, you know...

Yes, sure. Can I also hide scripts?

I thought so, but apparently I was wrong. :~( But you can position the script at position [∞, −∞].

I can do that in my BloP extension, but it is not aligned with the last Snap development (stuck at version 6).


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