Poppy Playtime Meme

Okay, if you want an explanation as to why I made this meme, here you go. Also don't watch the meme if you don't know about the Poppy Playtime controversy.

The controversy (Sorry if this is political)

So you all know about Poppy Playtime, right? I mean, it became popular overnight.

But there is a dark side of this. The company is shady. And yes, I backed this up with research coming from fired employees and even a few Youtubers like Sheeprampage.

So anyways, people have been complaining about the greed of the CEO, Zach Belanger. What's this greed, I hear you asking? Well, the actions of Zach are considered greed according to a majority of "USED to be" fans. Like, the NFTs, the Merch, and even the MOVIE are proof that Zach is being greedy, just collecting money. If that's not bad enough, they expect you to pay for each chapter and you CAN'T move on without paying for previous chapters.

So yeah, pretty greedy, not gonna lie. And this meme just sums it all up. And when I make this meme, I'm speaking on behalf of the "USED to be" majority of people, who were fans, but then didn't care or didn't like the game.

This is the first time I've ever heard of Poppy Playtime.

I made this in Scratch and then converted it in Snapinator. So it might be broken. I can still provide the .sb3 file on Google Drive so you could see the UNBROKEN version.

So mods, if you are updating the art page, PLEASE make it fast! I don't like Snapinator and how it sometimes breaks stuff because the blocks may be different than from Snap! to Scratch. For example, Snap! has faster "change" blocks as compared to Scratch.

Oh, well, now you've heard of it.

I have no idea what it is, aside from

which makes me think of something to do with books.

Have you heard of Bendy? If yes, then they use the same Chapter system, although they released them for free. Only the game costed money, there was a free demo attached to it, and they didn't make merch with only one chapter released just to make money.

No to the question about Bendy.

Oh, well a chapter for games is basically the acts for Hello Neighbor.

Yeah, this makes no sense. Basically it's a part of a story for a game.

The only experience I have with Hello Neighbor is a few videos.

Is it to a book chapter as a game is to a book?

Poppy Playtime & Bendy and the Ink Machine are both indie horror games created on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

It's a recent indie game that falls under the "horror for kids" category.