Pong Game

Check out my new game!

Thanks to @jguille2 for pointing out a serious bug.
This game is now available on my website.


After load ball is in touch with red line so everything is stopped.

Ball starts immediately after 2 x green flag with mouse pointer out of stage.

Angle of bounce can be slightly randomized.

Working on a new classic version!

about the scratch version on your website... I changed the best score ever from 621 points to 4,194 points, I'm sorry

Cool! No need to be sorry! :slightly_smiling_face: The best score was set by @hekknyt long ago. I made an updated version here on Snap!; feel free to play that and give me feedback! :blush:

what hapend was I got the ball and paddle in just the right spots that as long as I didn't move the mouse (which I eventually did) the ball would never hit the red

Yeah that is a big fat bug @hekknyt informed me about. You could play his awesome remastered game.