Poll category request

Can we have a category for polls discussing Snap and other stuff? I think this would be useful for collecting data for projects on Snap! like an AI project, or an ML project, or even let you know what the majority of people want for your project (For example adding features to games).


No forum requests #feature-requests:forum-requests

no, i mean for polls, use #requests-to-the-community

It’s talking about a poll categories being added to that section.


Actually I do remember a post like this a while back. And I remembered I had a solution.

Oh well.

There's never been a #polls category, but it used to be possible to put a poll into any post. It was removed in the 2020 drama though.

Oh :frowning: very sad.

Wish it was still a thing.

what did the 2020 drama have to do with polls?
@bh please add them back in!

Marked your post as a solution. Even though I'm a bit sad that it isn't here.

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