Pocket size hyperoperator script

That's amazing. So if $$c=1$$, it is $$a+b$$, if $$c=2$$, it is $$a×b$$, if $$c=3$$, it's $$a^b$$, if $$c=4$$, it's $$a↑↑b$$, and so on. Is that right?

Exactly! The fact that it's possible to make a script do that in just small size is amazing but the recursive rule is so simple though we could make so many big numbers with it!

Oh, cool! I can see how it works!

(Where'd you find the let var be val in script block?)

that's a custom block, don't be confused, they get it from someone else or they made their own

I think I made one just like it. I was just curious.

I made it my own because if i just put the "the script" block in the call function ring , it would call the call script instead of the scrupt as a whole.

I see. Makes sense.