Plotting mouse pos to scroll left and right on a costume

Hi it’s me (again)
More complex math stuff yay, I need to turn the mouse x into a decimal between 1 and -1 depending on its position
-1 being the very left and 1 being the very right. I’m trying right now but have no sense of direction as to to about it

((mouse x) / ([right v] of [Stage v]))

Yep as expected, another super simple math problem that I overcomplicate.

Then it's solved.

I’m reopening this because there’s another issue I’m incountoring
So what’s supposed to happen is that when you put the mouse at the edge of the screen, it goes to that edge
It needs to take the position of the mouse on the screen and map that to the width of the costume, 1 being the costume all the way to the elft and -1 being all the way to the right

It doesn’t work like this, instead it works fine for the right edge but for some reason you only need to move the mouse to the middle to get it to move all the way to the left, This means that half way to the right edge is the middle when the mouse is in the middle as the middle.

My best guess is it something to do with the interpolate block I’m using but I don’t know why

You did try the regular "right of stage" instead of the "right of my stage" right?

I ended up using a different solution that’s a lot more simple

Are they not the same thing?

There might be a difference

I don't know for sure
It just makes sense to use the exact code to be safe

You can try my Remap block

My absolute dream would be for this to be fully automated but I don’t think that’s possible because the area the costume needs to stop is not the edge of the costume

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