Pleasure Solution

Im thinking about upgrading my ai a bit but I have no experience in behavior encouragement.

im prepared to get yelled at

what do you mean by "behavior encouragement"? by ai, do you mean a neural network or no? and what is this ai used to do?

i want the ai to do something more often when they get a positive response from doing something

private but I do have 10 tb prepared

and 50 gb of memory

rip my bank but im prepared

the final issue will not be in snap because of limitations however I do want to build prototype of the reward system in snap

my whole understanding of ai is that while training, you create a ton of networks, throw out the bad ones, duplicate and change the others randomly, then repeat until you have one neural net that you use and don't change.
they don't actually have emotions or "want" anything, you've just made a pile of linear algebra that looks like it does what you want
i don't think it's at all reasonable to try and change the net while it's running, because it's not clear how you would do that.

do you have a powerful gpu prepared? because you still need that to run a neural net. depending on what it's for, you might also just never get what you want in a reasonable timespan (if a neural net needs 3 years of training, the problem will be solved by someone else before then)

the thing is i want it to learn patterns in human behavior (I cannot disclose what human behavior due to nda agreements)

if you want a neural net that learns patterns in human behaviour, you would need to save all this data to your hard drive, then train a network on that. it's what google and facebook do to serve ads.

it's also extremely unethical and in the case of snap, illegal for MANY reasons that i do not have the patience to get into.

i'm going to make a guess that you're trying to make something that communicates with people in some way, like a chatbot or home assistant. there is absolutely no way you would ever train this in a reasonable amount of time, or get anywhere near enough data.
if you're trying to get this kind of thing in a snap project, you can either manually code something good enough, or you can hook snap up to a neural net already availible for use online or for download.
if you hook up snap to one of those existing neural nets, check their data collection and openness policies. for example, if you were to hook up snap to an amazon alexa, that would also probably be illegal due to the data collection they do.
maybe use mycroft

alright i got permission to disclose more information its another game bot

thanks for some help i wont close yet though

asin a bot runs around a level to either cooperate or fight the player?
because you REALLY shouldn't be using a neural net for that, just write some good code manually.

if someone has bad internet or downloaded the game, they simply wouldn't be able to run it.
it also requires you to get data from all sorts of games and run it on your server just to send back what the bot needs to do.
no amount of ai training can fix ping.

if you manually code a game bot, it's pretty easy to make it start changing behavior based on the player too. plenty of games already do it.
if you have multiple bots, one really useful thing you can do to make them seem a lot smarter is to get them to communicate and work together.

neural nets are interesting, but you can't just throw them at any problem, they're just another tool with their own issues, and they certainly aren't a solution to not knowing how to code something (i don't mean to say that you're doing this, but i don't know if you are)

no no the entire game is to beat the bot

i don't see anything reasonable you can do other than coding a really good bot
i also get the feeling this just wouldn't be a very fun game even if the bot was powered by literal magic
difficulty usually isn't what makes a game fun, mechanics do. things like good movement, novel concepts, bonuses for being creative (such as combining two or three mechanics to get a very powerful combo), etc.
the difficulty doesn't need to come from the bot, the bot could simply just have better stats (whatever that entails with your specific game). games like tetris and celeste have difficulty without opponents

this is very illegal

i seriously doubt you have a real nda for a snap game. i'd prefer if you don't use legal terminology for non-legal things, you can just say whatever group doesn't want to say yet.

if it is a real nda, i have no clue what you're doing but it sounds awful

I just made a bot that learns paths of the player and looks for the player just a few days ago, actually.

Its just an ai script for an unreleased game I'm using the snap to collect some basic data so the beta testers don't deal with frozen ai