Please make detect right click block

And once you've done that, stop windows showing the default right-click menu.
Or make it a mode that can be turned on and off with the [scratchblocks]set [turbo mode v] to <✔(::grey)::operators>::sensing[/scratchblocks]

You can just make a custom block for it.

Also, about the window context menu thing: right-clicking on the stage in the community site doesn't popup a context menu.

Fine, stop snap doing it in the editor then. Or do you have a custom block that can modify the right click menu?

Why do you need it to stop happening in the editor?

oh, nvm

what is the block?

There's a right click block in my Custom Blocks library. Its definition can also be modified to sense other mouse buttons too (1 for middle click, 3 or 4 for... whatever those left/right buttons are called that only some mice have Edit: I googled it, they're called forward and backward buttons)
It only works when the block is running in an actual script for some reason though (as opposed to just clicking it)

My guess is that your actual script has a loop that calls your block repeatedly, so eventually it's called while the button is down. If you just click it, it won't be running exactly when the button is clicked.

@silver_star We depend too much on right-click (context) menus to want to let users mess with that part of the UI. If you're a wizard you can maybe do it anyway, but then you'll get your project into some state from which you can't recover and that'll be sad.

In "presentation mode" right click is already disabled. Secondly, all mouse clicks modules i've seen or made, just add extra handler and do not disturb the existing ones.
And it's exactly the same as "when [pressed]" - does not disturb sprite drag&drop.

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