Please make a wiki for Snap! thats not on miraheze

And deleted.
Archive of the script.

There is not much in the Snap! wiki anyways. I think you should forget about transferring the data to the new wiki, Just make a fresh new wiki with nothing on it.

actually, there's a whole lot of pages on the snap wiki, and we don't want to have to redo everything, so making a fresh new wiki isn't the best idea.

:~| Well are you going to try to convince the Free Software Foundation to make GNU cmpatible with CC-BY-SA licenses or can we just make a new wiki?


DokuWiki is licensed under GNU GPL v2.

That's a wiki software, not a wiki farm. It requires a server, which is what the wiki team is lacking right now (apparently they got rejected from fosshost).

I don't know why fosshost would reject them, but anyways... Could the wiki team each pitch in every month to have the server? It's a wiki, your not storing 5 million Snap! projects.