Please keep this feature, it's cool


With the "RGBA at point" block, you can create an eyedropper feature, this is pretty cool, but what's even cooler is the fact that It can also pick colors outside of the stage, you want to use the operator green in your pen project? hover over an operator block with your mouse, then set up a key to set a variable to the result of the aforementioned block.

This is quite a neat feature, and I do like it. I can't think of a lot of practical uses right now, but I still think either way, projects should be able to interact with the area outside of the stage like this, like continuing to report offstage mouse positions or picking colors of the editor.

I think that the Crayons library has all the category colours built in as crayons.

It does, true, but

this is how I found those colors! :~)

Oh! Makes sense!

you don't even have to do that with some blocks (the ones with the color picker).
you just click on the color picker input and click somewhere.