Please fix the dragable feature!

Snapteam, please fix the dragable feature by:

  • Making the dragable feature enabled in the editor even when the dragable checkbox in the editor is unticked.
  • and making the dragable checkbox in the editor unticked by default.

Thank you.

I was literally thinking about this earlier
I support

I disagree, if you are making a jigsaw puzzle or something the dragable feature is necessary. on the finished product

This isn't a bug report; it's a feature request. The draggable option works exactly the way it's documented to work. You just want it to work differently (i.e., like Scratch).

My offhand response is that we might agree to the first part but are unlikely to change the default. But we'll talk about this When Things Slow Down™.

I don't see why it should be dragable by default. I support.

I'm not sure why the default is what it is, but I find it convenient for development and testing of projects that aren't games. For games, yeah, I uncheck the Draggable box.