Please don't be so eager to flag

This morning again I woke up to eight flags. This isn't fun, folks.

One of the eight was genuine spam: an adult offering something for sale that had nothing to do with programming. On that one I was happy to click the "delete user" button.

But the rest of them were you picking on each other.

Some time ago we were really under what felt like an attack by a group of (I'm guessing) teenagers who were here only because they'd been banned by Scratch for what, I have to say, seemed to be good reasons, if their stance on their forum was like what they did here. Back then I found it necessary to be really strict about staying on topic.

But, knock on wood, that's not where we are today. What we do have is a small group of (I'm guessing) little kids who like hearing themselves talk. That's a different situation, and it's not best served by flagging every "I agree" or "it works" or "+1." Those posts are unnecessary, but they're not really off-topic and they're certainly not spam.

So, everyone take a deep breath and let's concentrate on having a welcoming community. Thanks.

Oh no!!! :fearful:
That is terrible and very cringy.
How can it be that you have a lot of spam???
A solution to your problem will have to be found, my friend.
Oh, I hope you don't have that problem again, because sometimes there are people who can hate us or hurt us or just make us some bad jokes, for me I think that it should not be like that.
Meanwhile, relax friend, we will have to do something with those other evil people to teach them that lesson that we want to teach them.

He explained in the post.

I think the solution was "please don't be so eager to flag," as the title suggests.

I don't understand how the first two things are related to the third.

But is don't:

Is this:

My other friend, my reply for Brian is positive, @helicoptur.

how about the one I flagged that was adversting about a project on someone elses game? Is that genuine spam

No, I know it was. I was saying

Oh, ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

And I also meant, could you please explain that?

Mmm... The answer is No? :neutral_face:

Why not?

I say that when you were talking to all of us about this, I didn't see any of the phrase:
"could you please explain that?"

I've only replied to you so far.

I just said that. I was asking you to explain


Mmmm... :neutral_face:

I had 4 flags today, this is a series issue.

why aren't you answering my question

It isn't what I meant in context, namely, something that really needs to be taken down right away for the safety of the community.

As for the case you're describing, I see how that can be really annoying, but I can't help wondering whether it isn't something you could work out among yourselves rather than calling in Daddy to settle it. Remembering the magic words, "please" and "thank you."

OOF. I'm glad I missed that.

Me too