Please can we have a new rule that prevents people from swearing on the forums?

Can we have a new rule that says no swearing? Snap would be so much better that way. It's very annoying to keep on seeing certain curse words in almost every forum one visits. It's enough to drive one insane. If we had a rule that doesn't allow swear words, people would get into fights less often, say less hurtful things, and there won't be so many people getting upset and arguing. I admit to shouting at @ultrafuntime-kumi and telling her to shut up in both english and Japanese in @equilibrium's shop, but that was because she was insulting @equilibrium and I don't like to see that happening to my friends, even if they aren't that close. If we had a rule to prevent people from cursing, that would be really helpful, and I'm sure it would make everyone happier.
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support. this rule would lead 2 less flamewars

Interesting. I figured that teenagers would be happier in a PG-13 forum than in a G one. Let's have some other opinions on this before we decide...

Maybe it's because we're not used to seeing swear words? For example, when I swear myself even if it isn't directed towards anything (which is every time because I don't curse often, usually it's because I'm quoting from something and it doesn't feel the same without that punch (also people might think i'm a little kiddy for replacing it with frick)) I think, "Wait did I just say that?"

And also, some people might not be mature enough to control their fingers and write the four letter word directed towards someone. In that case, I think people swearing at someone should be prohibited, not just swearing itself.

I thought that was the rules on swearing already?

I thought so too. But the closest I could get on that on the rules notice and the FAQ are not to call people names or bully them. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere but I can't recall.

I see, I didn't understand at first that this was a case of someone calling someone else names. That's a clear violation of the bullying rule, swear words or not.

I guess I missed seeing it because it was in a thread I skipped. Right now I'm still the only one moderating the forum, although we're working on fixing that. Had I seen it, I would have deleted the message and scolded @ultrafuntime-kumi about it. I would not have banned her. I keep saying, and you keep not believing, that you only get banned for serious, repeated, sneaky, and/or deliberate rule breaking. Not counting one-day bans, which mean that I think you need a little time to slow down and think about what you're doing.

I'm thinking, by the way, that we may need a rule against swear words in topic titles. I confess I was kind of shocked to see one today, and titles are something you see without choosing to enter a topic.

I don't mind the small curse words like "hell", as long as it isn't directed toward anyone, I learned to be mature and not curse often, so right now, imma say that cursing is immature, and it is not cool to do it.
I support.

Maybe it should be allowed only sometimes?
Where it shouldn't be allowed:
title of topic
targetted towards a person
in a signature

Where it should be allowed:
in their own topic (the person swearing should be the one who made the topic)
in topics where the creator of the topic said a swear word
in a project, but not used to insult anyone

Though of course, on a website about coding and computer science and all that, swearing shouldn't even be necessary.

I didn't forget anything. just because swearing is pg-13 does not mean its helpful to a coding website.

Swears used to insult people shouldn't be allowed.
If someone made a project where a character in the project screws something up and says a swear word because of that? That's probably okay.
oh no 2 minute rule

Excuse me??

if you've heard what i've been hearing for 9 years straight, then you would not like swear words at all, since it would bring horrid flashbacks of all that you've been through at an orphanage and half a year in a school.

This discussion we're having in this thread is about a user request to change the rules. So we don't need to argue about whether anyone has broken any rules in the past. The past is past; where do we go in the future?

I'm seeing a lot of support for no-swears. So we're going to go with that, even though I personally am okay with an occasional one. I'm learning from this conversation that some people are more sensitive about it than I am, and I imagine that some of those people have just left the forum rather than complain about it. I'd like to bring those people back.

So, when something is flagged for swearing I'll just delete it. I'll announce the rule change as soon as I finish typing this.