Please add an input that is a list?

For a custom block, you can have inputs such as costumes and sounds, but not to auto update to all the items in a list.
Can you add that?

Copy the list first.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand the suggestion. We do have lists as an input type. How you process the list is up to the code in your block! Maybe if you gave an example? Thanks.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear.
I meant, in a pulldown input like you have the option of it auto updating to all sprites or all costumes, could it auto update the different pulldown uptions to be all the items in a list?


Oh, I see. You want to supply... what, a variable whose value will be a list? And on each call, the pulldown input is populated with the items of the current value of the variable?

Do you have an application in mind?

Yes. I was going to make a 3d engine and the list would have a list of names of cubes and when you would translate, rotate, or scale a cube it would have a pulldown of all the cubes youve created: Something like

untitled script pic (17)

Oh yeah, dynamic drop-downs is something on our when-things-slow-down list, we don't yet have them.

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