Please add a limit to how long posts can be

Suggestion: 100 lines maybe?
Instead of a limit on how long topics can be

but then it would be too long to read if it were to be as long as infinity

no someone could write a very long post and it would make the servers run out of memory so no

Why though?

i have no idea, i would just split my post into parts (part 1, part 2, part 3 etc.) if it said the limit thingy

[offtopic]infinity is not a number, if it is a number then what is infinity+1?[/off topic]

Infinity is a irreal number, ∞ + 1 = ∞
∞ = infinity

saying infinity+1=infinity is like saying (insert any number here)+1=(same number)

and by that logic infinity minus 1 = infinity, and probably infinity minus infinity = infinity also

No, ∞ - ∞ = 0

thats so confusing
anyways we should probably get back on topic now

no because you would still be able to make a post as long as you want without using newlines. I suggest maybe 15,000 characters?

will emojis and unicodes count? or is it just letters, numbers and other stuff (like !@#$%^&*)(~`-_=+{}[]|;:'"<>,./? etc.)

uh, yeah, although I think emojis wouldn't be counted as one character, just their text representation.

There is already a limit with around 310000 chars

That's rude...

Yes, but the point isn't to limit how much information is contained, the point is to limit how long it takes to scroll by. Therefore limit lines not characters. Or call it height if you prefer.

limiting characters is the standard anyway. Also, there already is a limit of 3100 (I think) characters anyway.

I could go on about this for hours, but just because something is the standard/what's always been done/what everyone else is doing is not a good reason to do something.
I mean, I know humans have the urge to conform, but it is not a good logical reason.