Play the Money Tycoon, visit Operation: Trees!

I had to re publish this but I hope you like this, this is my main project.
This is my second project on Snap to lol!

please do not hold space bar!

You can add [scratchblocks]wait until <not <key [space v] pressed?>>[/scratchblocks] to the bottom of the when space pressed script.

"Please do not hold space bar," and "if you buy an item multiple times the game breaks" don't really scream "modernized" and "neatest" to me. I can't really figure out how to play the game either, outside of how to push the button. I think it needs to be polished a little more.

[offtopic]What? Your not on Scratch?[/offtopic]

I don't think this is modernized nor neat. I can't really read the images (also they were taken off google), Wait- I'm in poverty! No handicap? If buying an item multiple times breaks the game, then its not worth playing. After all, we aren't playing some simulator on Roblox. Not to mention, the Money per Click is broken. It needs a lot more work before you can claim its modernized and neat.

Hi everyone, I fixed it a long time ago to where it doesn't break the game but I never changed the title. But thank you for your comments on space bar, I will find a solution, I think I already have it. Please check the game and see.

I am on scratch, it's the same user.

It's a clicker

except more of like a spacer because instead of clicking you spam press space

nah you just hold space

why did you change it from click to spacebar?

Because the shop script i use doesn't work with clicking, it had clicking when the shop was different but. was horrible, the problem is with the shop if I do clicking it doesn't upgde it. Say I bought the plus 5 per click using space only it would work but with clicking it wouldn't change.

Sorry for the typos Snap is acting weird.

Then make it so it only increases when you click specifically the money icon.

How are the forums making you have typos?

It's not Snap! I am a fast typer and when I type fast there are lots of typos, it only happens when I am using on screen keyboard like earlier.

I've had this account for a while, since at least October of last year. I'm not particularly active here as I really dislike Discourse and I'm a loser who doesn't have motivation to do things without artifical internet points :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm in severe debt :slight_smile:
You should make it so it doesn't let you buy anything when you dont have enough money to.

I have tried but it won’t work for some reason, I would like some help and yes. I am going to say it is very simple but for some reason the way I am doing it won’t work.


It's a simple bug and a simple fix. The +10 sprite doesn't check a condition every time it increases.

Just add an if condition to put the script inside-- if money !< 100. You don't need to use the script you proposed.
The glitch only works with the +10 MPC purchase.
Also, a programming style tip:
This (image) is the exact same as
this (image) and the other is* easier to do.
You can also right-click an equals block, click 'relabel', and >= and <= blocks will be shown. So you could essentially just do
this (image).

Isn't it to be

when flag clicked:
        if (/*money checking code*/)

what im saying switch the forever and if statements

not to be rude, but isn't this obvious? WHY else would people not notice?

Yeah when I made this I was new to Snap!

Here is a fixed version and the shop and money breaking was a simple fix with vars I was dum then.

Not money it’s cookies.

Fix to the money per click not working right do when clicked change var ‘money’ by var ‘money per click’

To fix the shop I did when clicked change var ‘money per click’ by amount

Very simple and no one thought of them😑

I’m not even gonna fix money tycoon I am giving up on it. Cookie’s are the new key.

Cookie Clicker script pic
Cookie Clicker script pic 3
Cookie Clicker script pic 2
Cookie Clicker script pic 4