Play sound at hz block is slow

Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 8.56.20 PM
i like 2 make songs nightcore, & when i use this block, i have 2 wait 20 seconds 4 the sound 2 play. is this normal? i use a chromebook. my browser is chrome.

it depends on the length of the sound. Try using this script

still the same problem :slightly_frowning_face: the sound is 5 mins 14 seconds

if it's the same problem then why did you say that my post was the solution? oh, wait, was it the



Uhhhm, why ?


huh? wut did i do?

any solution 2 this problem?

why are you flagging people???(@bh,sorry to bother you,but i think he's abusing the flag system)

thats wut i was wondering. we shouldnt jump 2 assumptions tho. perhaps i did say smth offending thats worthy of being flagged

im guessing thats why kumi said she thinks he's abusing it

probably because you replied the word "yes" alone. that is called ghostposting

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what is this,scratch?

well @super_artist is from Scratch.

true...but so are me,kumi,and Equil(i made their name shorter because i didn't wanna butcher it...sorry if i offended you @equilibrium >.<)

could you explain that like im 5? idk wut that is. is it just responding 1 word?

np! you can refer 2 me however you want :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if ghostposting is a punishable offense or not. But it's probably better to not ghostpost.

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makes sense. is it rlly that big of a deal 2 report tho? its only 1 word, you only spent like 0.6 secs reading it

@pumpkinhead even i don't flag one word replies, so i don't understand why @super_artist would

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