Play note block is empty! - Tunescope

I encountered a MAJOR bug in Tunescope...

Earlier i was wondering why Tunescope isnt playing any notes... Until i found this:

Can someone in Snap fix this?

Hi! Thank you for pointing this out, the TuneScope team is aware of this and we have a fix on the way ASAP. Unfortunately as we rearranged blocks in the palette before our latest release, some of the blocks mysteriously dropped dependencies without us realizing.

Thank you so much for notifying them! I hope they can fix other problems in the way!

Can they also fix converting midi that support multiple tracks from the Convert midi to Tunescope block? It errors because of empty notes... Some midis contain tracks that don't play anything. If it's only limited to convert 1 track, then it's reasonable why this is the case.

We are currently working on making the Import MIDI block to support multiple tracks. At the moment, it only supports single track MIDI, and our course/book at UVA shows how to split a multi-track MIDI file into a single track.


I will be working on this feature of TuneScope over the next months. Would you be interested in serving as an advance beta tester to provide feedback as we develop strategies or methods for MIDI conversion? Let me know. Thank you.

Yes! Actually i've been trying to make the same thing myself just now, I'd love to be part of testing this project! I will give feedback, and even bug fixes if possible!

I'd also like to be a tester (I actually have quite a lot of feedback to say about the tunescope library, but I'll not get into it here).

We now have a working build of TuneScope on the development server. Thanks so much for your patience. Here's a link to the dev server and other TuneScope resources:

If you have time to go through any of TuneScope blocks on the development server to make sure they are working, that will let us identify any further problems before this version is moved back into the main build.

@unifiedadvanc3r @ego-lay_atman-bay The missing code from the Play Note block and other TuneScope blocks was repaired in the Snap 8.2 update. (Thanks for your patience.)

Emily should now have time to begin working on MIDI import, and should be reaching out to you once she has a possible direction.

Thanks for the update! It's great to hear that the missing code in the Play Note block and other TuneScope blocks has been fixed in the Snap 8.2 update. Looking forward to working with the MIDI to Tunescope feature too!