Plase replace: please misspelt as plase

Misspelt first word in the third paragraph in the "Camera not supported" dialog box.
Is it a good idea to report translation/spelling mistakes there?

Well, this was already reported here Small Typo in Dialogue Box · Issue #3226 · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub, but by putting it in the forum, it puts more eyes on it, and is probably more likely to get fixed faster (or at least, reporting the bug again).

I cannot replicate this, even in flat design.

Do you know what language you had selected?

I selected plain "English" option. Just "English". I didn't select anything else.

You have to get that dialog by clicking on the camera button by the create sprite button, or by running a block to turn camera on. When the browser asks to access your camera, press the no (or block) button. If your browser doesn't ask, then you might have to go into the site settings, and disable camera access.

I am also able to replicate this by:

  1. Import Pixels library.
  2. Execute :camera: snap block.
  3. Press Cancel.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you get the Camera not supported error, though to get this you must be quick.

Yeah, but pressing the xamera button above the sprite coral is faster (and you don't have to load a library).

I was getting it by turning motion sensing on and hitting the stop sign right after.