Plaese gib meh zom idyas

i have ran out of ideas, can someone give me some ideas

From ChatGPT:

Certainly! Here are 100 project ideas for Snap!:

  1. Platformer Game: Create a classic platformer game with levels, obstacles, and power-ups.
  2. Puzzle Game: Design a puzzle game with various challenges and levels of difficulty.
  3. Quiz Game: Develop a quiz game with questions on different topics and a scoring system.
  4. Interactive Story: Build an interactive story with branching narratives and multiple endings.
  5. Digital Art Generator: Create a program that generates unique digital art pieces using algorithms.
  6. Animation Studio: Develop a platform for creating and sharing animated shorts.
  7. Weather App: Build an app that displays current weather conditions and forecasts.
  8. Task Manager: Create a tool for managing tasks, to-do lists, and deadlines.
  9. Music Player: Develop a simple music player with playback controls and playlist management.
  10. Language Learning App: Create an app to help users learn vocabulary and grammar in a foreign language.
  11. Math Tutor: Develop a tool to assist with math problems and provide step-by-step solutions.
  12. Virtual Laboratory: Create simulations of scientific experiments for educational purposes.
  13. Robotics Control: Build a program to control virtual robots and simulate their movements.
  14. Data Visualization: Develop tools to visualize scientific data using graphs and charts.
  15. Community Mapping: Create a platform for mapping resources, events, and initiatives in a community.
  16. Health Tracker: Develop an app to track personal health metrics such as exercise and nutrition.
  17. Environmental Awareness: Build interactive experiences that raise awareness about environmental issues.
  18. Digital Storytelling: Create interactive stories with animated characters and backgrounds.
  19. Stop Motion Animation: Develop a tool for creating stop motion animations.
  20. Virtual Instruments: Create virtual musical instruments that users can play with.
  21. Comic Creator: Build a tool for designing and sharing digital comics.
  22. Art Gallery: Create a virtual gallery to showcase digital art creations.
  23. Music Visualizer: Develop a program that generates visualizations based on music input.
  24. Recipe Generator: Build a tool for generating random recipes or meal ideas.
  25. Daily Planner: Create a digital planner for organizing daily tasks and activities.
  26. Memory Game: Develop a game to test and improve memory skills.
  27. Word Search Puzzle: Create a word search puzzle with customizable themes and difficulty levels.
  28. Crossword Puzzle: Build a crossword puzzle generator with automatic clue generation.
  29. Morse Code Translator: Develop a tool for translating text to and from Morse code.
  30. Encryption Tool: Create a program for encrypting and decrypting text using different algorithms.
  31. Chatbot: Build a simple chatbot that can hold conversations with users.
  32. Maze Solver: Develop an algorithm to solve mazes automatically.
  33. Sudoku Solver: Create a program that solves Sudoku puzzles.
  34. Tic-Tac-Toe Game: Build a two-player Tic-Tac-Toe game with customizable board sizes.
  35. Chess Game: Create a two-player chess game with AI opponent options.
  36. Checkers Game: Build a two-player checkers game with different board sizes and rule variations.
  37. Snake Game: Develop a classic Snake game with customizable settings and levels.
  38. Flappy Bird Game: Create a Flappy Bird-style game with obstacles and scoring mechanics.
  39. Tower Defense Game: Build a tower defense game with different enemy types and upgrade options.
  40. Racing Game: Develop a simple racing game with customizable tracks and vehicles.
  41. Drawing App: Create a drawing app with different brushes, colors, and drawing tools.
  42. Photo Editor: Develop a simple photo editor with filters, effects, and editing tools.
  43. Animation Creator: Build a tool for creating frame-by-frame animations.
  44. Music Mixer: Create a program for mixing and editing music tracks.
  45. Soundboard: Develop a soundboard with different sound effects and audio clips.
  46. Virtual Pet: Create a virtual pet simulation with feeding, grooming, and interaction options.
  47. Plant Care App: Develop an app for tracking and managing plant care tasks.
  48. Meditation App: Create an app with guided meditation sessions and relaxation exercises.
  49. Yoga App: Develop an app with yoga poses and routines for different skill levels.
  50. Fitness Tracker: Build an app for tracking workouts, progress, and fitness goals.
  51. Recipe Book: Create a digital recipe book with recipes organized by category and cuisine.
  52. Language Translator: Develop a tool for translating text between different languages.
  53. Currency Converter: Build a tool for converting between different currencies.
  54. Unit Converter: Create a tool for converting between different units of measurement.
  55. Tip Calculator: Develop a tool for calculating tips based on bill amounts.
  56. Budget Planner: Create a digital budget planner for tracking income and expenses.
  57. Expense Tracker: Develop an app for tracking daily expenses and spending habits.
  58. Goal Tracker: Build a tool for setting and tracking personal goals.
  59. Habit Tracker: Create an app for tracking daily habits and routines.
  60. Journaling App: Develop a digital journaling app with customizable templates and prompts.
  61. Countdown Timer: Create a simple countdown timer for tracking time intervals.
  62. Pomodoro Timer: Build a Pomodoro timer with customizable work and break intervals.
  63. Alarm Clock: Develop a digital alarm clock with customizable alarm tones and settings.
  64. Weather Forecast: Create a program for displaying weather forecasts for different locations.
  65. News Reader: Develop an app for reading and organizing news articles from different sources.
  66. Book Recommendation: Build a tool for recommending books based on user preferences.
  67. Movie Recommendation: Create a tool for recommending movies based on user ratings and genres.
  68. Music Recommendation: Develop a music recommendation system based on user preferences.
  69. Travel Planner: Build an app for planning and organizing travel itineraries and reservations.
  70. Event Planner: Create a tool for organizing events, parties, and gatherings.
  71. Study Planner: Develop a digital study planner for organizing study sessions and materials.
  72. Flashcard App: Create a digital flashcard app for studying vocabulary and concepts.
  73. Language Learning Game: Develop a game for practicing vocabulary and grammar in a foreign language.
  74. Math Quiz: Create a quiz game for practicing math skills and concepts.
  75. Geography Quiz: Develop a quiz game for testing knowledge of geography and landmarks.
  76. History Quiz: Create a quiz game for testing knowledge of historical events and figures.
  77. Science Quiz: Develop a quiz game for testing knowledge of scientific concepts and theories.
  78. Trivia Game: Create a general knowledge trivia game with questions on various topics.
  79. Personality Quiz: Develop a quiz game for exploring personality traits and characteristics.
  80. Career Quiz: Create a quiz game for exploring career interests and options.
  81. Personality Test: Develop a personality test based on psychological theories and models.
  82. IQ Test: Create an IQ test with questions designed to measure cognitive abilities.
  83. Emotional Intelligence Test: Develop a test for measuring emotional intelligence and awareness.
  84. Learning Style Test: Create a test for identifying individual learning styles and preferences.
  85. Creativity Test: Develop a test for measuring creative thinking skills and abilities.
  86. Memory Test: Create a test for measuring short-term and long-term memory abilities.
  87. Attention Test: Develop a test for measuring attention span and focus abilities.
  88. Reaction Time Test: Create a test for measuring reaction time and reflexes.
  89. Problem-Solving Test: Develop a test for measuring problem-solving skills and strategies.
  90. Critical Thinking Test: Create a test for measuring critical thinking skills and reasoning abilities.
  91. Decision-Making Test: Develop a test for measuring decision-making skills and processes.
  92. Leadership Style Test: Create a test for identifying individual leadership styles and qualities.
  93. Conflict Resolution Test: Develop a test for measuring conflict resolution skills and strategies.
  94. Communication Skills Test: Create a test for measuring verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  95. Negotiation Skills Test: Develop a test for measuring negotiation skills and techniques.
  96. Time Management Test: Create a test for measuring time management skills and strategies.
  97. Stress Management Test: Develop a test for measuring stress management skills and techniques.
  98. Resilience Test: Create a test for measuring resilience and coping abilities.
  99. Empathy Test: Develop a test for measuring empathy and compassion.
  100. Gratitude Test: Create a test for measuring gratitude and appreciation.

These project ideas cover a wide range of topics and can be adapted to different levels of complexity and expertise. Have fun exploring and creating with Snap!!

i choose 65

Oh, I saw it! :slight_smile:

That's what I keep suggesting when I suggest Pizza Tower!

i dont need to spend 5 years making a game about a italian chef vs a evil sentiet pizza that has toppings for its face (sorry if this offended you)

No, it didn't offend me, and I'm pretty sure if you're counting "Weiners Don't Use Drugs", the scrapped RPG games, etc., then it's longer, but that's not really Pizza Tower itself. And you don't have to make the ACTUAL game, you could use one of the many Pizza Tower Scratch games as a basis.

Some of these ideas are way too ambitious for a simple Snap! project.

And 23 of these are tests or quizzes. Geography Quiz,History Quiz, Science Quiz, Personality Test, IQ Test, Emotional Intelligence Test, Learning Style Test, Creativity Test, Memory Test, Attention Test, Reaction Time Test, Problem-Solving Test, Critical Thinking Test, Decision-Making Test, Leadership Style Test, Conflict Resolution Test, Communication Skills Test, Negotiation Skills Test, Time Management Test, Stress Management Test, Resilience Test, Empathy Test and Gratitude Test.

I don't even think it knows what Snap! is other than that it's a programming language, it wouldn't be in the dataset of text that Chat-GPT pulls from.

I agree.

i had to revive this because i ran out of ideas again

How about 40?

40 ideas please

No, I meant number 40 on the list. You could also make a card game where you fight a bot, those games take long to make so it will keep you entertained. Another idea is a tower defense game.

i got a idea from microsoft copilot

ill create a word search game

Maybe also do my idea? I'm not saying to NOT do your idea.