Pizza Tower game ideas

I've only seen 1 Pizza Tower project, and it's just music for a Lap 9999. So I'm thinking a game could be made. Here's what needs to be done. I'd port over my Pizza Tower Scratch projects, but Snappinator is unreliable, and it would take a long time to reconstruct them block by block.

  1. Levels
    a. John Gutter.
    b. WAR(Final version, April 2021 version, or combined) (Optional)
    c. Level from Dr. Steve's Pizza Tower Challenge (Optional)
    d. Custom Levels (Optional)
    e. TCTOP(Any version is fine) (Optional)
    F. Hubs (Optional)

  2. Laps
    a. 1 (Pizza Time) & 2
    b. 3 and beyond (Optional)
    c. e (Optional)
    d. Negative Laps (Optional)
    e. Other Laps (Optional)

If you want to go crazy, go ahead, as long as it fits with the requirements.

@bluebaritone21 Look at this great idea!

To be completely truthful, I've never played Pizza Tower. I have played Wario Land, however.

Pizza Tower is basically an unofficial Wario Land 4 game.

So I've heard.