PIXELSNAP coming soon

check out the sneak peek here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Anyway, the Snap! Book will be a notepad thingy for Snap!

its going to be really cool and I have almost all the code ready

if anyone wants to help that will be nice!


what does the lisp symbol mean?

oh i used it because its what snap is using

because snap is a form of lisp i think

If you're talking about λ, then that's called lambda. Snap represents lambda as grey rings.

you mean image?

Cool! Can’t wait.

very interesting

snap book


but what does grey rings have to do with anything

grey rings are just lambdas represented in visual coding form

so you mean something like this
tell "sprite32" λ change x by 22

Yeah, kinda. It's a lot more complicated than that though.

can you list an example piece of code using lambda?

I don't really understand that stuff either.

oh, nvm then

A simple form of a lambda function in Python would be
z = lambda x : x + 5
And now I can call z(4) and get 9

More information here: Python Lambda

when are colons used in math :skull:

It's super similar to the grey ring in snap where a function can have an input spot for a function which was mentioned earlier as well

oh, ok