Pixels of SVG

The manual says that "pixels of " will convert a SVG costume to BMP and then display the pixels. But I don't think it is working like that.

works on BMP costumes but fails on SVG.

Thank you. Will fix.

hmm... I can't reproduce this issue. This works for me...

Hmm, it's working for me, too. I wonder if it depends on the costume -- @tguneysu, could you post the actual picture you imported?

@jens, how come when I do

the transparent pixels of the new my [costume] become all zero, even though the + block does result in 0 0 100 0 for those pixels?

dunno what you mean, this works for me, Brian....

Not happening any more - sorry for another false alarm.

Ha! looks like there's some "optimization" in the way browser canvas handles alpha. If alpha is exactly zero, apparently everything else gets zeroed, too:

only when alpha passes a certain threshold will browser canvas accept other values for the other channels:

(but notice how it will "optimize" the values of the other channels in doing so?)

Have I mentioned lately that I hate browsers?

Not since yesterday. :~)