Pixel Art Studio

Feel free to share your art in this thread

Press the eraser to toggle eraser/pencil
Click and drag the top slider across the screen to change the colour.
Click and drag the bottom slider across the screen to change the brightness

project page: https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=danielthebanana4&project=Pixel%20Art%20Studio

wat!? Thanks for the feature

Nice project

thanks :blush:

Very nice

Particulary like the info dialog box :slight_smile:

Only issue is that I have trouble switching between pen and eraser mode - it takes quite a few attempts to select which one I want

how? can you show a video?

Changing from 0.1 to 0.5 cures it

But, I'd suggest changing the code so instead of waiting for a time, it's better to wait for the mouse not to be down

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 8.48.38 pm
I changed it to mouse down

Also why are you interested in my info box

A lot of people have been making JS dialogs and I've thought - why?

So nice to see a pure Snap! one :slight_smile:

The reason I used JS dialogs in the sound editor collab is because it was easier and wouldn't conflict with the visual layout. I haven't seen anyone else use it in a project other than showcasing the js dialog boxes themselves.

Wow, this is amazing! Great job.
I have a few suggestions:
a) Could you please add an option to save the pixel art as a .png?
b) Settings menu with option to mute or turn up/down sfx? (The sound when you alter a slider's position)
c) Ability to move and zoom out while editing?

Oh, yeah. I’m just very used to scratch, since scratch doesn’t support js. And the good thing when the dialog box is in the program you have not limits on the customisation. That’s why I use in project dialog boxes

Ok, the save option might take a while.

Hmm, the way I’m thinking to make the save and open file, the zoom would ruin the save option. (btw I can’t work on the project today, the electricity is going out for maintenance.)

This is nice work. The info box OK button changing color when you hover over it is a nice professional detail. (I also love that it's in a serif font!!!)

One small UI thing is that when I tried to drag the brightness slider all the way to the left, I overshot and ended up clicking the eraser accidentally. Then the sliders grayed out and I couldn't get them back. At a minimum, I'd make the pen costume (in sprite info2) more apparent by putting it on a yellow background or something. I'd also consider using WHEN I AM PRESSED instead of TOUCHING MOUSE? to control operating the button, so it won't happen if you just drag the mouse over it from elsewhere.

A bunch of things about colors... First, the order of colors in the slider is backwards from what our users expect, e.g., from the color picker. Second, your two sliders allow making shades (darker than the spectral colors) but not tints (lighter). The best way to fix this, imho, would be to use the HSL lightness scale instead of HSV brightness, so there would be a single slider with black at the left, white at the right, and the spectral color in the middle, like the vertical axis of the color picker. But if you don't want to do that, then you should have a third slider for saturation. And third, especially given how narrow your color slider is, it's really hard to select a particular desired orange (more reddish or more yellowish). It would be, imho, much much much better if you used fair hues from the Colors and Crayons library:
Google Chrome002
and then use fair lightness for the second slider.

Also, it looks as if there's code in there that's meant to do this, but the second slider should look like the color of the first slider (and its shades or tints).

This is a very awesome project.
However, I see a problem with the thumbnail.
The are 2 sliders on the color bar, when there should be one.

one is for darkness, the other one is for color

There are TWO sliders on the color bar.

Amazing project!

I made this:

Ooo, fancy. I see it’s symmetrical. :clap: Good job

Projects get featured once they have been published and not by how good they are.

That's false.

That's simply not true