Pie Chart Project

My Pie Chart Generator! Hope you like it!

Pie Chart Generator by feketetcool

Nice project!

I have a few suggestions:

  1. Drawing the circle is painfully slow. I would put everything after getting "done" inside a WARP block.

  2. You could consider a turtle graphics circle:

  3. There are some easy cleanups: You don't use Pie Values 2 for anything, you test for no values entered twice.

  4. The test

    could be just Pie Chart Generator script pic.

  5. Much as I love orange, it looks too similar to red for me. I worked out by experiment that the value I like best is Pie Chart Generator script pic (1).

:heart: and fave

Glad you like it!

Also, about the third tip, I use the Pie Values 2 for making the outlines of the segments in the pie chart just for a better effect. :wink:

Thank you. Glad you like it!!

Ok! Thanks for the tip!