Picture Taker

Here is one of my fisrt Projects! Please reply to the thread if you like it!

this causes a lot of complications.

what do you mean "A lot of complications"?

if someone manages to make a cloud vars with JS (that multiple people have done) and the new colors and crayons libary, someone could transmit a picture over the internet. I suggest taking all traces of the code and burning them to the stake because anything could happen to the code. (or cause multiple security loopholes)

I've seen a WHOLE lot of people do the same exact thing. So I'm not wording to much about it. Search "camera" in Snap!

he's using a snap feature.

untitled script pic (11)

and, you can send the image over the internet, but people can just see the code and just remove it.

I think he should've looked at the code before replying.

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Actually, you don't need the colors and crayons library. Just get the pixels of the costume and turn them into a string using json or something.

Thank you! but im not new to responding in forums: I used to use the scratch forums.