Physics simulation runs choppy

Hello all, I made a physics simulation that appears to run choppy. Can someone give me advise on how to make it run smoother? I would really appreciate this.
The Link:

Press green flag and then press the space-bar to run the simulation.
Thank you ahead :slight_smile:

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure exactly, but you have two scripts for the green block, both running forever. If I hit the green flag, set the slope how I like it, then hit stop, then hit the space bar, it's much smoother. So you should make it so hitting the space bar stops the green-flag scripts (use STOP OTHER SCRIPTS IN THIS SPRITE, for example).

Or just remove the forever loops in the green-flag scripts

Thank you all, I removed one of the forever loops when I clicked the green flag and it run's a lot smoother.

Thanks :slight_smile: