Physics engine!

Because I found out that doing physics was just a hassle when making rocket simulator,I made this engine.(it does not support some specific stuff like calculating apsises or eccentricity or stall speed etc,time units are in meters per frame instead of second(i made a frame limiter so you can know what your framerate might be,nice block variables))
Does not include a 3d engine,you will have to make it yourself or use other people's stuffs
Poor 3d support on the physics category,no matrix support in vector category

are you going to wrote documentation

the physics category color is impossible to read, and vectors is pretty difficult too.

haha no
your smart brains can figure out what vectors mean
or you should retake linear algebra,but not the part on matrices or the part on covectors

I can't find other colors other than the 10 main colors(btw how did jens unfold a 3d color cube into a colormap)

ps:this is related to the sphere packing problem,voroni diagrams,and a lot more hard problems,maybe this is how nerds choose colors

it is significantly easier to write new code than to figure out what existing code does, how it works, and how to use it. there isn't anything wrong with that, but it's extremely unlikely anyone is going to use any of your undocumented code.
the only issue really is that a lot of these things you post on the forums sound like they will have documentation, generally engines are for others to use. maybe put (undocumented) in the title?

didnt expect you after all

mine arent

you documented how to add an app to snappierOS, and i almost didn't even read the thread in the first place because i wasn't expecting documentation.

my engines arent for ppl to use,but other stuff are

So you put it all in the wrong category "SHARE your Projects"....

where else could i put it

nowhere if you dont want people using it

Noteably,this is the first project on the forum that uses the new features(excluding example projects) i think