Physical Bounce With Two Balls

Hello Guys,

So I have a problem with my project I'm working on. I want to simulate a real physical bounce with two sprites. For example with two balls. One ball (or circle) is still standing, and the other one moves in different directions.
If the moving-ball touches the still-standing-ball, by coincidence, it should bounce in the correct way. I drew a construction that shows the physical correct bouncing.

-> can't post any screenshots?

And what I want to do is to code this procedure in Snap!.
Not just in this direction you're seeing up there
but in all possible directions (angles). For example:

-> can't post any screenshots?

I hope you understood my problem and could help me with the coding part in Snap!.

Best wishes.

Well, If there were screenshots, I could be able to help.

Could you send a link to this project?

Are you talking about something like this?

Well.. i can't send them because of this report:

An error occurred: Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post.

It's similar. your two balls are both moving if they bounce on each other.
In my case, one of my balls has to move forever and the other one should be placed somewhere and not move when they bounce each other.

If the "moving-ball" is hitting/touching the other ball, then the "moving-ball" should move to the right direction as it should (=bounce).

It doesn't matter on which spot you hit the "still-standing-ball", the "moving-ball" should bounce correctly away.

For example, I did a short project where one ball is moving and one is still standing. Now there has to be this correctly bouncing but I don't know how I program this.

Link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

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