Photorender Engine

It's here. The Photorender Engine has been made.

It's not complete, and there are a few things I can't solve on my own, so I'm looking for help.
Anyways, here's the engine:

This engine, with help and time, can hopefully render things like shaders, particles, light, and other advanced shader effects you get with shader engines in Game Engines like Unreal Engine.

Things I need help on:

  • I'll need help on making the light update in real time, not after rendering. Currently, if you control the player while the Photorender Engine is still rendering, then it will continue and render the frame it was on.

  • You need turbo mode to run the engine. If you don't use turbo mode, THE ENGINE WILL RENDER VERY SLOWLY. So if you want the Engine to render fast but at the best quality, then you NEED turbo mode. I need help so you don't need turbo mode to render anything.

I'd like to thank all these people for helping me:

  • Pumpkinhead helped me with some code to make the Circle Light renderer work.

I realize that a LOT of people will offer to help and Snap! only lets me ping like 3 people so...



My god

I'm not sure about the practicality of advanced real-time software shaders, let alone in Snap!

You know what, it'd be cool if there was some sort of WebGL library. And it would use codification to compile to GLSL to create shaders -- a somewhat real use for codification.

Yep. I think you should make a feature request about that, in fact.

I could but I'm not sure on WebGL being a built-in library. I don't think they'd accept it.

off topic

I was wondering why the forums were so quiet recently. Then I remembered mr_owlssssnap2 exists, or the lack thereof.

Really? I feel like I've been posting a LOT lately and been very active on the Forums. I just can't stand using my computer and not making a new tab about the Forums and seeing the notifications trickle in.

I thought he left. But I guess

basically says it.

Well at the time that I posted my message there was relatively less activity. I guess my school year ends earlier than everyone else's.

Also if you're interested I'm beginning to work on a WebGL extension. Seems like a cool project.

UPDATE: Version 0.2 is now out!

New things:

  • Each frame is in real-time and will update in real-time! Although it is still slow as hell, it is a big improvement in my books.
  • There is a new map inspired by my most favorite version of a game that I really enjoyed. It's Hello Neighbor, and the map is the first (and only) floor of the Pre Alpha house. The neighbor's house.
  • New sliders to play with the engine.
  • Version 0.1 is STILL out! Don't worry! If you want to play with Version 0.1, you still can!


  • You have to make your maps black colored, because they will always appear in the front and so the lighting engine won't work.
  • The white costume has to be the same color as the floor, otherwise that won't work either.