Photorender Engine (Please help!)

DISCLAIMER: I did say I was leaving Snap!, but since I'm bad at coding, I can't solve my own problems.
I know, this is my one BILLIONTH Help Wanted post for a project I made, BUT, trust me, this project will be VERY good once I manage to finish it.

I've been inspired by game engines, more specifically, the mods that the community makes for those game engines, to make my OWN engine. This is called the "Photorender" engine.

It can handle shaders and stuff and light effects and all those cool things you get with shader engines.

ANYWAYS, what do I need help with? I need help to make the Renderer sprite stamp a copy of itself when it doesn't touch that transparent red circle but stop once it touches the transparent red circle. HOWEVER since I'm bad at coding, or that the universe just hates me, IT DOESN'T WORK.

Actually I forgot to share the project.

Now it works. You should be able to see the source code.

You mean like this?

I replaced this not working code:

Warning: Unrolled Loop

With this:
untitled script pic

Also there's another way to do this -- set the Renderer sprite to a completely black costume, and tell the light mask to cut out from the Renderer sprite. However I don't think you can control alpha with this method.

Can you share the project?

It's not working though and I don't know why.


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