Perpeptual power machine!

The AC source is 120 krmf,and the circuit is a tesla coil with some fuses on it.
I found that if I remove the conductor(on the fuse) the voltage and current will skyrocket!
How did this happen?10^100 of anything is not present in our universe and will break a lot of things!
Normal T coil:

what exactly is krmf? i can't find anything about that unit and i've never heard of it
krmf isn't a setting for the ac source in that program either, it has voltage and frequency.
do you mean 120 volts?

anyways i don't think you can call it a perpetual power machine when it can take in infinite power from that power source (voltage is NOT power, there's no limit on the current)

this also shouldn't be in the help with snap category

The voltage reading is approx 160 kilovolts

Its output has ten to the hundred or more power volts AND about the same amount of amps
But its power source is just about less than 200 kilovolts and less than 100 amperes
So yeah this IS a weird machine,i am suspecting floating point overflows for suffecient changes on the mantissa starts afflecting onto the exponent or maybe the grounding voltages are off by a factor of some googols(which is not likely)

I couldn't find any where else not blocked where i could post an question

post in computer science?
what do you mean blocked?

like,no going to google or youtube

Where are these pictures coming from? I.e., why should we believe the voltage measurements?

Circuit simulator

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