Snap! Build Your Own Blocks -originally pen now not pen

I am now gonna do lots of pen stuff.

I like how it flashes on the second one.

I like these! Maybe Tracer not as much as the other two because it doesn't leave a picture when you stop it.

Too much green in Pen Boi, though! Check out my remix:

(As I write this, you have to enable JS Function to use the libraries, but any day now we'll have the new improved libraries and I'll recreate this.)

I let it run for a few minutes and this is the result.

This doesn't use pen.

here is my project Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


(Off topic) I was thinking that JS blocks that come from library’s shouldn’t need to be enabled but ones that aren't from libraries do.

Oh shoot I named it wrong. Well it was originally pen but that didn’t work.

Edit: I made a new pen thing: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

The trouble is, once you start thinking in security mode, you have to worry about things like someone loading a library into their project and then editing one of the library's JSF blocks. We didn't want to get into the hassle of digital signatures or hashes. Instead, we are moving the library JSF blocks into Snap! itself, as hidden primitives. (This doesn't necessarily mean the entire library; Colors and Crayons has 95 blocks, 12 of which involve JS.)


Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks Just made this to. It’s another tHiNgY

Edit: Now I am getting to work on re making Pen Animation but actually with pen

Oh, that's nice! But what do you have against yellow?


The place in the spectrum where yellow belongs instead has a sort of yellowish green.

How come when I search for "Pen Boi" from the Snap! front page, it doesn't find it?

I did not publish some of these I just shared them.

Ah. Well you should publish that one so I can feature it!


Turbo mode:

Nice. I especially like the ragged left and right edges.