Penguin Racing (Part 5)

here is the latest link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
I fixed a bug
gotta go

No, the forever loops are fine. It's probably something else making it laggy.

why does the tire custom look like this
test 8

we need a way to win

That's the tire detector.

This is a forum, not an instant messaging service.

Hello, I'm a friend of @joecooldoo, and I would like to join the official Penguin Racing collaboration.

[offtopic]Could you please not use my art for your profile picture? thanks![/offtopic]

oh ok.

@sirhopsalot uh did you just put a picture of yourself as your profile picture

But still, you don't want a picture of them on the internet.

tell him

yes, but tell him that so he doesn't change it again in the future.

It seems you have made very good progress, this is my last post on :snap: (except to check out Penguin Racing), this is quite sad.



wait, i can use snap on my nintendo switch?!?


go to internet settings, select your network, click change settings, set dns mode to manual, set dns server to, click save, open the news app, click find chanels, and wait for switch brew to load. your switch may say that you need to sign in to your network, but just connect to your network.

I'm just bored. I'll still be posting in Penguin Racing because I'm that committed to the idea but no other topic, so for Fish Eaters, it may just be collaboration within yourself

Hi. just wanted to see what was happening. It's been 76 days it seems. i assume this collab is dead. i don't know if i'm reviving it or just getting banned for necroposting.

any ways i have marked it dead right at this line and ANYTHING BELOW i will ignore.
Goodbye penguin racing.