Penguin Racing (Part 2)

how do you like the website?

*** (three asterisks) does that.

I don't think you can do anything like that.


ohh i thought when you said

you meant "is there a like feature for google sites?" or something, nvm

lol, no...

You need an icon for the website

ok... I'll make one after I get the game done(or use the normal penguin I got on commons)

I did it

Please update the source it is now here

@spacer What online engine will we use?

what options are there?

We could use @18001767679 's cloud var blocks, but those are slow, We could wait until Snap! 7.0 comes out because they will add cloud broadcasts, but I don't think you would want to wait...(7.0 Should come out near the end of Snap!Con)

We should make singleplayer modes first, by the time that’s done, we have cloud brodcasts

that’s expiremental

@spacer can u use my form I sent you for the website? Put it in the contribute section.


Thank you.

I'm not done with it

I know I was just saying thank you.