Penguin Racing (Part 2)

I need to do a work-around(also I need to tell you something else that's worrying)


the thing that's worrying is that you gave the link for editing,(I can't find it so you are safe for now)but your google account got leaked

Don't worry I have a fake name on google

Also, it's an editing link, so no personal data is shared.

Jcal Rai? that's the "name" for your FAKE google account?

I use it all the time. It s not fake google account. It's a fake name

well, I sent a fake application for you to see if it works

"I'm the best coder in the world LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"

yes... also wat

does this mean, we should make clear boundrys to unauthorized users @joecooldoo.

Yep. Tell them in da desc. That payloads activate when you try to hack.

here are the limits I'll set :

  • you need to be an owner of a "PenguinRacing" account, that username and password are stored in a not-snap server that @sir_kitten2 will make.

  • If you are playing on a server that has limits saying what users are allowed to join, then the outcome is self-explanatory

and for account holding

  • Your account will get banned for saying, doing, or owning a username that is inappropriate(we want to moderate it at PG-13 levels as the :snap: forums moderate it at the same level), or just being a jerk.

  • Only one account per snap username. This way, we use email confirmation without sending stuff ourselves.

finally finished @joecooldoo... FINALLY!

Why need to make an account system when you can just use a username?

Sorry if it was too much for you... I shouldn't of let you do it if it was too hard.

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