Penguin Racing (Part 1)

done with the title cover!
yeah, ik, it looks basic but it's only the first update

ohhh yeah lemme edit it now sorry

here i fixed it
ah, it seems like you've already beat me to it

I just drew that lol, if you want you can change it...

0.0 when the notification says something totally different than a deleted post

it's not deleted anymore

Ive got code for the cover.

what do you need?

What do you mean? I was just saying I know some code that we can use that will automatically apply the cover everytime you stop the project.


Ive created a laggy server game. Ive added a layer of protection, I have more plans for more protection, I just cant make it right now. Here is the Host project (Player 1): Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

P2 (connector): Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Host (the project) picks a random server port, and connecter (the project) attempts to automatically find the randomized server port.

uh huh.... it finds a server to connect to randomly?

yep. random server port. if you think some data is corrupted, on the connector, click space. make sure none of the projects are running.

I have encryption plans, you know.

This is how we prevent hacking. we have the system detect if the person is authorized when running the cloud block. if the person is un-authorized, we run this code I made: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (We attempt to crash or freeze the website)

I ment that you shouldn't hijack other people's servers.

Well, I am using a whole bunch of random characters for one of the names. I can do the other two to.

OK, I made it so it's 99.9999% not on somebody else's server.

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