Pen Online

Draw online with your friends!

Very nice, and quite efficient with the MQTT !
But the area of the "remote" color picker is not updated.
Also, something like "all parties ready" or a welcome message, to the joining party, with already chosen pen colors, should be implemented.

If you pick a color before the other party joins, color info is lost.
Stage (29)

Lovely use of the MQTT extension :slight_smile:


I like it, excellent responsiveness

amazing! kinda like pixelsnap but online and just drawing.

Now if only I was in a different school district and wasn't blocked pouts

It doesn't use replit

Yes! A server without!

Also here's my rating,

you always make nice games!


9 more 10, 9 or 8/10 rating until your game becomes G.R.O.S. [SILVER CERTIFIED]!!