Pen Online

Draw online with your friends!

Very nice, and quite efficient with the MQTT !
But the area of the "remote" color picker is not updated.
Also, something like "all parties ready" or a welcome message, to the joining party, with already chosen pen colors, should be implemented.

If you pick a color before the other party joins, color info is lost.
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Lovely use of the MQTT extension :slight_smile:


I like it, excellent responsiveness

amazing! kinda like pixelsnap but online and just drawing.

Now if only I was in a different school district and wasn't blocked pouts

It doesn't use replit

Yes! A server without!

Also here's my rating,

you always make nice games!


9 more 10, 9 or 8/10 rating until your game becomes G.R.O.S. [SILVER CERTIFIED]!!

broken :frowning:

School or Home network



they dont work on either

Seems to be a Snap! bug of some sort
@jens @bh?

no, the primitive block needs to be loaded with the extension. No need to get Jens and Bh in here.

It's an extension that comes with Snap!?

@bh pls help

@joecooldoo Apologies :frowning:

I'm the co-author of the MQTT extension and the library was significantly changed for V8 and I'd forgotten to mention to you that the syntax for some of the blocks was sightly changed

Here is an updated version of your project with the new version of the library

If you have other old projects, the remedy is to load the old project, re-load the MQTT library and then replace any of the old ones on the left with the updated ones on the right

For completeness, once the old blocks have been changed, I'd then recommend removing any unused MQTT blocks and reloading the library again just to make sure that they are not left lying around