Pen Eraser?

Sometimes I've needed to erase part of the pen trails, but can't maybe there can be a block that can erase specific parts of the pentrail? Maybe it could look like [scratchblocks]
eraser down::pen
eraser up::pen

I like this idea.

this is something that is kind of possible with coding, and editing the pen costume data, but it's super hard, and stamping on the stage doesn't keep the same image quality, so I think that this is needed. Although, I would think it would be something like

set pen [color v] to (eraser v)

There's an Official Right Way to do this (namely, how Logo does it): the pen mode (paint, erase, or reverse) should be independent of its up/downness and also independent of its color. The latter point isn't so important for penerase, but it is for penreverse (which does XOR of the pen's color with the pentrails's color). This has been on my list since forever and someday it'll happen, even if I have to hold my breath until my face turns blue.

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