Pen don t paint

I try to script a little paint program. But the pen don't work properly. Sometimes I got a constant line but mostly only a very short scratch.

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:zeichenprogramm script pic

Hi @shorky, welcome to :snap:. Your program is fine, the reason it does not work as expected is because when click to draw, you are picking up and dragging the sprite, so it can't draw. All you need to do is uncheck the box marked 'draggable'.
Hope this helps!

Why was this flagged?
Someone is spamming inappropriate flagging.

Mod attendtion,not inapropiate

thx for the fast help, now it works as it should and i can go further

No, the flagging is inappropriate as there is no reason to flag it.

I mean the flag type isn't "inapropiate"

Yes, it isn't

Or rather,

No, it isn't

you were saying good job on taking a script pic which is really unnecessary since anyone can do it. (and it's really easy to find the option)

i think i know why this was flagged. it sounds like @shorky is new her. im assuning shorky is, but it sounds like youre saying he j8ust found out

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