"pen" color option in paint editor

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There should be a color option in the paint editor that always shows the current pen color, like the turtle costume.

This would be useful for making costumes where the color of certain things can be changed by pen and others stay the same.

Great idea, thanks!
@bromagosa For your never ending list... :~/

That would be very, very, very, hard to implement. It's be somewhat feasible (but not trivial) in vector costumes created with the vector editor, but titanically hard in the bitmap one... :confused:

2 alternatives.
1: Make certain parts of the costume red and use the color effect, but that might have other aspects of the costume also discolored.

2: Make a seperate costume that's always attached to the main costume (forever go to sprite) and always on top of the previous sprite (Idk on this one) and colored red (only the parts that you want to be pen colored) and change the pen color to the color value.

Yeah. You don't have to worry about the layer order if you nest the red one onto the other-colors one. And I bet you can set color effect to the pen hue whenever you change the latter.

ooh, that gives me an idea for a block. I'mma check real quick to see if it's already existent...

edit: it's not. The "Go to to layer in front of (sprite)" block. Along with that, the "layer of (sprite)" variable block, for seeing What layer something is on.

you can make those custom blocks yourself!

I mean, you're right, but in order to stay consistent it wouldn't be worth it.

Edit: for clarification purposes, I meant with like forever loops and constantly repositioning layers and checking if 2 items had the same layer and all that kind of stuff that isn't worth all the cpu power.

Okay, exposing my ignorance... How do you find out a sprite's layer?

(also works with ASK ...)

I would never have thought of that in a million years. We should put it in some looks library.

Is 'stage' a special case, or is any sprite's "list of 'other sprites' " being sorted by their layer's order?

Not a magic special case, but a sprite's "other sprites" list won't include that sprite itself, which matters when we're computing the position in the list of a given sprite.

I spent some time working on a temporary solution, and came up with this. It is pretty well documented in the project, but ask here is you have any qusetions or comments.