Pause Options

Would it be feasible to replace the current pause all block with one that has more options, like this one?
And this one:
It would make pausing and resuming possible in a program's execution, making it much easier to pause games.

It's theoretically possible, certainly. For pausing a game, though, RESUME ALL is all you need, because WHEN blocks will still fire while paused. And you really want more options than you showed, such as PAUSE OTHER SPRITES.

We'll talk about it.

I did not think that any blocks could fire when paused. Definitely going to use this in the future!

Good point. I guess I forgot that other sprites are a thing when I made that block.

PAUSE ALL pauses every script that's currently running, but everything else works. In particular, you can click on a variable to find out its value; the intended purpose of PAUSE ALL is debugging. (That's why we didn't have other options in the first place; you really want to freeze the project while you figure out what's wrong with it.)