Pause needs a friend: Resume

I request that you add a "resume all" block. If there is and has all ways been there, where is it?
And along with that: make pause all a pause all but this script, like the stop block. It simply pauses everything but its' script so that later within it it can resume wverything.

It would also be helpful in the case that someone needs to pause sound, like other people were asking, but it pauses EVERYTHING.
or, to prevent sprite movement in the example of my topic about "screenshotting".

The PAUSE ALL block is not meant to be part of the algorithm of your program. It's meant to be inserted into a script temporarily, to aid in debugging.

The way to do what you want is the WARP block! It effectively pauses everything else while the current script runs.

Ok: at a more, natural speed.

I don't understand this. If you want things to run slowly, we have visible stepping.

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