Pause and play

i am trying to pause this game i made and then play it without making the player hit the play button outside of the screen, so i tried the attached code but it would not make the sprite wait, this is a test program, and it is pausing a different sprite, but when i used a stop all block or a pause all block instead of a wait block it worked just apparently not for the wait block

i tried to upload the code but what i was doing is saying

when flag clicked forever if space key pressed tell sprite 2 to wait 10 seconds

sprite 2 is the sprite i want to pause on a small scale, what i want to do inthe game is pause all 10 current sprites (and i may add more that i want to pause)

you cant, sorry :(

You have to add code in every script to check for if the game is paused, and if it is, wait until it's not, and have another script that checks for whether the game should be paused or not, and how long. The easiest way is to create a block with that check, then stick it at the top of every loop, but keep it out of any warp blocks.