Pastry Planet 700 Series (Pastry Planet Iris Xᵉ² Plus)

Continuing from Pastry Planet 6 Series (Pastry Planet Iris Xe & Xe MAX) - Game can be downloaded at as it is exceeding the 10MB limit.


Press Space to shoot
Don't make the mouse hover on a planet or end the moves
1 changes costume style (Alternates between the three)
2 changes costume color
3 to see planets near the mouse
9 changes moves amount during debug
8 moves you to 3 stars
7 changes goal amount during debug
0 shoots without losing moves during debug
D sets the direction
Q sets a random direction for you
E enables/disables Debug
T sets direction to 0
F sets direction to -90
G sets direction to 180
H sets direction to 90
P pauses the game
Arrows allows you to change the direction of all shooters
You have to earn 1 star in order to pass the level you created.
Debug code is 5 Snap Planet for this version

All Level Editors

  • Space to save changes

Min Costume Editor/Max Costume Editor/Initial Costume Editor

  • Arrows to change planet value

Initial Moves Editor/Onscreen Planets Editor/Planet Size Editor/Planet Amount Editor/Star Moves Editor/Clone Shoot on click Editor/Moves you must leave Editor

  • Left arrow to change value by -1
  • Right arrow to change value by 1

Initial Shooter Direction Editor

  • Left arrow to change value by -15
  • Right arrow to change value by 15
  • Up arrow to change value by -30
  • Down arrow to change value by 30
  • T to set value to 0
  • F to set value to -90
  • G to set value to 180
  • H to set value to 90

Target Editors

  • Left arrow to change value by -10
  • Right arrow to change value by 10
  • Up arrow to change value by 100
  • Down arrow to change value by -100
  • T to change value by 1000
  • G to change value by -1000

Title Screen

  • Up and Down arrows to change values
  • L to prompt in a browser dialog the levels and their numbers
  • Minux (-) to stop project during title screen
  • Space to confirm action and is one of:
    • If Start Game is highlighted, it opens the booster choosen scren, then begins the game
    • If Level Creator is highlighted, it opens up the level creator modals
    • If Level Editor is highlighted, it (asks you/opens a modal) to choose the item you want to edit and opens its corresponding editor modal to edit that item
    • If Level Deletor is highlighted, it asks you to choose which level you want to remove (To remove the 1st level after the sample ones, type 1 in the question)
    • If Level Saver is highlighted, it asks you to write a name for your new level to save it in the "Levels" list
    • If Settings is highlighted, it opens a separate modal to change wheather you can lose if you touch a planet with the mouse or not as well as if you want any music to be played.

Settings screen

  • Up and Down arrows to toggle between options
  • Left arrow to set value to 0
  • Right arrow to set value to 0
  • Equals (=) button to save changes and close the modal

Booster Selection

  • Up and Down arrows to change booster you want to activate (Boosters that are active will be green and inactive ones are red)
  • Space button to purchase booster and activate it for the current level. Press space again to de-purchase it and disable it (It won't work if you don't have enough coins)
  • Equals button to make start the game

Changes from Pastry Planet Iris Xᵉ Plus

  • Added Super Sugar Stars (Get the quadruple score of the 3-star score to earn it)
  • Added Star Shooter (Yellow Shooter) which makes a star animation when shot that can damage planets it touched (Can pierce through rocks)
  • Added more music pieces to the editor and you can preview them
  • Added a Game Startup sound
  • When leveling up in the scoreboard, a level up voice and sound will be heard as well
  • Added Extra Planet Colors (Red/Dark Magenta, Blue/Yellow, Light Brown/Brown)
  • Added Coins (That you get from stars). Each regular star will give you 1 coin while each sugar stars phrase will give you three.
  • Added Boosters which can help you during the game. Those are foundable before starting the game (Check controls to learn how the booster selection screen works)
    • Extra Moves costs 20 coins and adds 5 extra moves to the level
    • Extra Score costs 50 coins and causes all points earned during the game to be multiplied by 1.25x
    • Detonator costs 100 coins and makes the orange shooter last longer and causes all rocks to lose a layer upon beginning the game
    • Lucky Bomb costs 150 coins and makes the dark red shooter explode at 200% size instead of 100%, having larger range

Trying it

Because it is larger than 10MB, you can't find it in the Snap! community site. You can, however download it here and then load it in Snap!

What would you say about the changes happened in the Previous?

Pastry Plenet Iris Xᵉ Plus, the original featureful variant Pastry Plenet Iris Xᵉ MAX Snap! had the following changes:

  • Ability to set custom sound for levels
  • Added Rocks
  • Added Title Screen Music
  • Combo Sounds
  • Sugar Stars
  • Added a Bomb Shooter (Dark Red Shooter)
    Furthermore, you can check the previous thread (For the 500 Series of Snap! Pastry Planet) here for more details about the past generation of Pastry Planet.

wow so much text yet so much of no project link

There's a project link but because it exceeds the 10MB limit, you can download it here and then load the XML file into Snap! and you're done, you are able to play the game. Didn't you see the download link? It is in under the Trying it Section