Password generator

tired of trying to make up passwords that are too short, long, or guessable?
want a project to make secure passwords with the length you want?
try out my project!
link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
it makes passwords in 1 second!

That seems a bit slow for an easy MAP calculation.


I think you mean “make up passwords that aren’t too short, long or guessable”.

A true expert(disclaimer: I'm not) in cybersecurity would not use this. Snap! uses PRNGs witch are not truly random. It would be fine for a card game, etc. But for password generators? No.

I mean, they also wouldn’t because almost every if not every modern browser gives you an option to generate a password like this on the spot.

How to make a good password.

I don't know why you have this bee in your bonnet about random number generators. Nobody's home computer has a hardware RNG, and therefore anyone who uses a password manager, i.e., everyone with any sense, is relying on a PRNG.

That xkcd cartoon isn't talking about a random stream of characters as generated by a password manager; it's talking about LEETifying a single dictionary word, which is indeed a terrible way to choose a password.

If I were in charge of making up the daily launch codes for the nuclear missiles, yeah, I'd invest in a hardware RNG.

About gaming, PRNGs got something of a bad rep back in the days of 32-bit computers, because it turns out there are more than 2^32 permutations of a deck of cards. But that wasn't a problem with pseudorandom algorithms; it was a problem with fixed-width arithmetic.

(Side note: Unix was first distributed for the PDP-11, a 16-bit-wide computer. A team at Berkeley got the contract to extend it to the Vax, a 32-bit computer. They didn't pay enough attention to the random number generator, and as a result, all the supposedly random numbers were even. And it was five years or so before anyone noticed!)

because the script of the copy needs js

yes i did

mabye i will fix that.

You don't need JS to make a Password Generator.

Um, they meant the block that copies it to your clipboard.

But still, you can highlight the text and press Ctrl+C to copy. You don't need JS.

I think it is a good idea.

Here is another way: password generator script pic
Any set of random strings will work as a password.

You could have been more descriptive, y'know.

CASCADE, with APPEND, makes a 20-item long list of random numbers from 32 to 127, which is then MAPped using UNICODE AS LETTER, resulting in a 20-item list of random characters "A" to "~", (in ASCII order) which is then COMBINEd using JOIN. An alternative, using hyperblocks, is this:

Edit: Another alternative that doesn't require the Iteration, Composition library is this:

My god. What’s the point of that😐

What @earthrulerr said. Why?

Why don't you just delete that post? You could get BANNED... Maybe...

It's the license that random word gen is under.